Video Samplers


This is a demo of videos with a video player. All copyrights are reserved by their respective owners.

Video Samplers by Irene Rowley. This is family video that I set to music…

Rowleys of 1976 (a short 8mm film)

My Experience Installing this player:

Yendif Player WordPress Plugin (free version)

For video, I am quite pleased with this viewer! It is built with current HTM5 standards and responsive elements and you can load different audio, video types for best performance on browsers. You can also make playlists. You can add posters to the videos, and customize almost every aspect of video controls.

The shortcomings I see on the video player is: Despite my taking time to fill out titles, artist and description, it is not viewing on the page. There are only two theme choices in the free version: black or white. I’d have to pay for the upgrade to remove the Yendif logo from the player.

The shortcomings for audio are much bigger. I tried to load some audio… but no dice! I loaded several kinds of audio files but the skin itself to play the file never showed up. I tried both shortcode for the “playlist” and the gallery version.  And one more thing, it did not let me assign poster images or thumbnails for my audio tracks. I found myself working in code just to do this.

All in all, I think this plugin for video works well and is attractive, but skip it if you just have audio!